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Make the most out of your Athlete skills in the corporate world

Join the game plan to compete alongside exceptional Entrepreneurs as a #Mentor or an #Employee in a career path that fits your unique skills. 

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Gain access to the European tech ecosystem and investment opportunities

Teampact offers you the opportunity to get a foot inside some of the most successful and ethical startups in Europe: welcome to a new playground.


Get rewarded from the performance of Teampact fund

Our incentive system allows you to enjoy financial benefits based on the performance of our portfolio of champion startups.

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Meet inspiring Entrepreneurs ready to change the world

Be ready to meet exceptional Entrepreneurs who want to act for good and win the right way.

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Develop a new network and new career opportunities

Because for us, the skills you learn as an Athlete are as valuable as the ones you learn at school.
We'll guide you towards rewarding roles that fit your needs.


Support the transition of former high-level athletes in to the tech industry

Whether you are a Mentor or a futur Employee: contribute to the bridge we are building between former athletes and the Tech ecosystem.

We support Athlete leaders

We are building a strong network of ambitious and competitive athletes.


Benjamin Kayser

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