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We are People First
We invest in Tech Companies
We are inspired by Sport

We support our team of People First entrepreneurs by bringing them the best of High Level Sports : Funding, Leadership Expertise, Talents.

Toxicity in tech is real

Over the last decade, we have seen a significant increase in toxic practices that put people last and lead to mental health issues or worse. This is not a path to building great companies.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Where do we find the notions of people first and performance? Sport.

A new backing model inspired by the values of sport.


High Level sport is the ultimate example of the combination of a strong people first culture and the quest for extreme performance.

The teams that have succeeded in mastering these two elements are those that have managed to win in the long term: the All Blacks, the French Handball team, France 98, Stade Toulousain, UCLA Basketball...

Dominant sport teams have developed methods for years, but they haven’t yet been used effectively by startups and VCs.


Empowering start-ups with sport culture and values

We want to bring best practices from Sport to Tech.



Smart money up to 2M and a privileged access to our network of industry experts (Logistics, SaaS...).

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Leader expertise

Internationally renowned athletes dedicated to the portfolio success.

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Enhance the untapped potential of former high level athletes ​to bring diversity and performance into tech.

There are very few connections between the tech ecosystem and the world of sports.

Yet, these two worlds have so much to offer one another.

However, being People First is critical for performance

"The score takes care of itself". If you are here for your people, success will come naturally.


Happy employees are up to 20% more productive


The likelihood of job turnover at an organization with rich company culture is 13.9%, whereas the probability of job turnover in poor company cultures is 48.4%


Companies with engaged employees earn 1.7% more than their peer firms, and are 2.1% above industry benchmarks.


70% of Gen Z workers pay more attention to the company's culture and mission than to the salary.

They make all of this possible

We surround ourselves with the best in their fields to apply their expertise in our investments, coaching, and career transition.

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