People First Performance
Inspired by Sport

We support People First entrepreneurs by bringing them the best practices and values of High Level Sports, through :

Data, Funding, Leadership Expertise, Talents.

People & Performance: High-level Sport's DNA

High Level sports establish a strong people first culture to drive their quest for performance.

Individual & Collective Performance

High-Level sports are intentional about detecting and empowering the best talents

Resilient Over Time

Teams that win in the long term succeed in mastering People First: the All Blacks, the French Handball team, France 98, Stade Toulousain, UCLA Basketball...

Yet Untapped in VC

Dominant sport teams have developed methods for years, but they haven’t yet been used effectively by startups and VCs.


Empowering start-ups with sport culture and values

We want to bring best practices from Sport to Tech.



Smart money and privileged access to our network of industry experts

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Leadership Expertise

Internationally renowned athletes & proven methods dedicated to your success.

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Pool of former high-level athletes ​to bring performance & diversity into tech.

There are very few connections between the startup ecosystem and the world of sports.

Yet, these two worlds have so much to offer one another.

They make all of this possible

We surround ourselves with the best in their fields to apply their expertise in our investments, coaching, and career transition.