Athlete Ambassador

Partner closely with a company we selected based on their strong values and their ability to perform. You'll be able to connect with their employees on a common cause.

Sponsorship at Le Fourgon

The Sponsorship program

Match sponsorships are a an opportunity for you to share your athlete journey with a fast-growing startup. The program has 2 facets : 1/ You'll receive financial support from the company, and 2/ you will spend time getting to know their challenges, their cause, and sharing your experiences with their employees so they become your biggest fans and learn from your search for performance.

Le Fourgon

It's just great, the culture is fantastic. Based in Lille, with a lot of growth in cities like Lyon, etc

Sample Sponsorships available

Athlete ambassador

You'll be coordinating with the Founders of the company, as well as their communications teams. Here are some skills you will learn in this role:

● Internal Communication

● Team motivation

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