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Contribute to Alan's mission to give everyone access to personal, delightful, affordable health and well-being, growing your expertise in Sales.

Full-time Job at Alan

Why choose a full-time placement

Match placements are a an opportunity for you to make your mark at a high-growth startup. You'll be joining the company in a specific role, and benefit from extra training and support provided by Match. This company is choosing you because you're you, and they understand that you have specific needs in

Why choose Alan

It's just great, the culture is fantastic, and they have free cookies once a week

Specific roles

Account executive

Account Executives at Alan operate as “full-stack” sales to drive deals, manage key customer relationships and help close strategic opportunities with prospects (companies from 6 to several thousand employees). They are directly responsible for educating prospects, providing inspiring product demonstrations, and onboarding companies’ key stakeholders as they make the transition from prospect to customer. Here are some skills you will learn in this role:

  • Prospection

  • Closing

Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representatives (also known as SDRs) work closely with a team of Account Executives to generate new business by qualifying leads, prospecting and generating meetings with the right stakeholders. They represent our company product, developing an outbound sales strategy through multiple channels (calls, emails, videos, social media, etc.), and deploying Alan's Smart & Soft selling method. Here are some skills you will learn in this role:

  • Lead Qualification

  • Prospection

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