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Our Vision


Building a new investment model: Sustainable, Ambitious, and Fair

At A-Team we built a new start-ups-backing model that pioneers a non-finance approach to funding and supporting promising start-ups.


We believe that to be truly relevant tomorrow, Venture Capital needs to develop an innovative and holistic approach that will create a healthy relationship within start-ups and with the world.



The A-Team


After years of investing, working hand in hand with entrepreneurs, seeing many successes and failures and years of being in high-level sport such as National Teams, we believe we are well positioned to develop a decision making framework, relying on methods and processes aiming to detect Team Success and People First companies.


We use quantitative indicators (employee turnover, loyalty, engagement, happiness, improvement, career velocity, …) as well as qualitative ones (spending actual time with the Teams) in order to detect the start-ups with the most potential in this field and invest specifically in those. This model is unheard of to date, and we believe it will become a standard for many corporations in years to come.


At A-Team, we believe in the power of values, especially those of sport. Sport transcends people, makes them happy, makes them vibrate.

Top athletes make children dream and inspire adults.


That's why at A-team we create a bridge between the world of sports and the technology ecosystem.

Empowering start-ups with sport culture and values


By bringing together the Greatest Athletes and putting them to work hand in hand with the startups in our portfolio 

  • Giving feedback on start-up Teams, pre and post investment

  • Sourcing investment opportunities and other Athletes for the community

  • Co investments


By creating a strong relationship between Athletes and Entrepreneurs. Athletes become a real support system for entrepreneurs, as mentors or operators.

By supporting the reconversion of high-level athletes, training them to work in the tech ecosystem (SDR, Talent Sourcing, Product Management…) and by providing our investments with highly selected profiles.






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